So maybe I bought a pair of $100 sweatpants.

aviator nation2

I realize that’s a lot of dough for something made for kicking back and relaxing. But these things are beyond comfortable. So much so that they tempt you into living the life of a lounge lizard. I wore them almost every night for a week and I do not think I would have survived my first bout with stomach flu without them. And as a bonus, they’re made in the USA which is something I am passionate about.

 Aviator Nation is a California based brand created and designed by Paige Mycoskie. (You might know her brother, Blake, the founder of Toms.) AV basically creates vintage-inspired clothing. Not really vintage but made with a very vintage feel from the 70s. Think: one of your dad’s old sweatshirts that’s been washed thousands of times with Downy. I purchased the grey daydream logo set (far left) but with summer on its way, I’m thinking of snagging one of the tanks as well!