Hey, That’s My Jam!

lorde royals

So this chick is just 16. And I’ve listened to this gem of a jam at least 16,000 times in the last 48 hours. Check it out. I dare you to try and play it just once.


Hey, That’s My Jam!

Despite the variety of controversy that seems to follow Lana Del Rey, you’ve got to admit she nailed this one.  It’s beautiful, dark and as mesmerizing as any Fitzgerald love story.

We decided last minute to cancel our canoe trip and instead spent the weekend lazing about, shopping for an upcoming trip and finalizing new kitchen plans. After Saturday’s date night turned into an appliance research project, B treated me to a late lunch and Gatsby on Sunday. If you haven’t seen it yet, get yourself to a theater ASAP. It’s gorgeous. Maybe not as good as the original – is it ever? – but a definite theater must-see. And worth the splurge in 3D. While the overall soundtrack is great, I loved how this pretty number seemed to float in and out throughout the entire film. Baz is a genius.

Good Vibes

Let’s get this weekend started!

We’ve got a fun one ahead. Tonight we’re heading to Workplay to see these guys and girls jam. But first up, dinner at one of our favorite spots. And I am super excited that it’s Easter weekend! We are hosting our parents on Sunday for services and lunch. Easter has always been really special to me – not only for the religious symbolism – but for the feeling of rejuvenation after a cold, dreary winter. The future just seems brighter!

I hope your Good Friday is as beautiful as mine. 75 degrees and sunshine never looked so good!


Hey, That’s My Jam!

It’s Friday treat time! Have a listen to what I’m currently listening to:

Electric Guest: This group features a guy named “Cornbread”. I’m sold.

Gary Clark, Jr.: Really loud, straight-up blues. In love.

Alt-J: The new Radiohead? Did I just say that?

Phosphorescent: Birthed from my home state of Alabama. It’s gorgeous.

Graffiti6: Highline Ballroom labeled their sound “latter-day psych-soul nuggets”. I think they’re sparkly.

Rhye: At first, I thought I was listening to Sade. Not a bad thing.

Leagues: Apparently I’ve been under a rock. These guys have been around for awhile. And they’re fantastic! 

Justin Timberlake: Some kind of wonderful.

Lord Huron: I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this one. Going on 2+ months & I still crave it every day.

So, what are YOU listening to?

Hey, That’s My Jam!


I am really falling for these three sisters and their breezy folk-meets-80s sound.

It’s a gorgeous day and I am counting down the minutes until I skip out early and begin my weekend. It’s been a monster of a week with the first half spent in bed with the flu and the remainder playing catch-up. And it’s sure to be an exciting weekend – one filled with a long list of home improvement projects. It may sound lame but I can get just as excited over a fresh coat of paint as I can about a killer pair of heels.

Happy Weekend!

Hey, That’s My Jam!


Fun Fact: R. Kelly’s Ignition (Remix) just celebrated its 10th birthday.

Anyone else feel old?

Most hits have a shelf life and gradually lose their luster. But this one might be one of the best songs ever played. When those first words, “Now, um, usually I don’t do this” hit my ears, I get myself prepared for throwing up hand gestures to each lyric. I still don’t understand the meaning behind “Lemme give you that beep beep” but this song will always occupy a little corner of my heart.

The summer after I graduated from college, my best friends and I celebrated our last days of freedom in the Bahamas before emerging into the responsible life of adulthood. Ignition had been on American airwaves for awhile but apparently the Caribbean was just getting around to it. We sipped on Coke and rum and ran our hands through our beach-curled waves a hundred times, probably more. Some guys at a nearby table even sent over bottles of Cristal as an ice breaker. We accepted gracefully, however, I thought it tasted more like melted butter so I didn’t understand the fancy price tag. It was a ballsy move to attempt to infiltrate a group of pretty girls from Alabama who had the choreography to this thing down to an art.

It’s songs like this that can effortlessly take you back to a time and place where you thought you couldn’t get any happier. The perfect recipe to having the best time ever.

And for that, I thank Mr. Kelly.

Even if he is a big weirdo trapped in a closet.