bb cream


Choosing the right skincare products can be a pain in the eyeball but when you find what works for you, it’s like a thousand angels singing “ta-da!”. I suffer from sensitive skin that also has the tendency to get super dry in colder months. When that happens, my pH balance goes haywire trying to soothe the irritation by producing unwanted oils. So the result is an shiny, flaky mess. After almost a decade of dealing with that scenario, I finally figured out what works: gentle cleansing and a whole lot of moisturizing. And from what I hear, the key to not getting wrinkles it to have super moisturized, oily skin. So there’s that.

 Speaking of wrinkle prevention, I am slightly obsessed. Years of sun worship have made their mark and I am determined to diminish those fine lines – or at least thwart the number of new ones from appearing. Aging is inevitable but I feel like I must at least make an effort not to turn out like Magda. So far, I’ve found that Clinique has the best options for my sensitive skin. I know that I can layer all of their products without getting a freaky reaction and I like that the effects seem to last throughout the day. Same can be said for the Oil of Olay SPF – my skin stays baby soft without the extra shine.

Products have come and gone but here’s what’s working for me:

a.m. | Rinse face with lukewarm water, pat dry, work 3 drops of Clinique’s Repairwear into face, neck and chest, follow up with Oil of Olay’s Complete with SPF and my favorite BB Cream

p.m. | Scrub face with Fresh Soy Cleanser, pat dry, add another 3 drops of Repairwear, follow up with Clinique’s Youth Surge Night

Every two weeks I use a good exfoliator like the Turnaround Instant Facial which works well with my Clarisonic. And for those mornings I wake up with extra baggage, I reach for All About Eyes Serum – another Clinque all-star.

I try not to get into the major chemical-based products – instead, I’m focused on gentle, but effective, moisturizing. Not to say I never wake up and wish for a shot of Botox