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Pink Passion

anna spiro drapes

I’m usually the first to declare that I am not a fan of pink but lately I’ve been crushing hard from blush pastels to bright fuchsia and everything in between. So much so that I frequently daydream of adding a touch of it to each room in our house. B won’t be too pleased but think if I can sneak it in here and there, he might not notice.

But then there’s the issue of our master bedroom and bathroom windows. I’ve been on an exhaustive hunt for the right fabric to brighten up these two projects. We’re oh so close to having everything just as I envisioned. After multiple trips to every designer fabric store in the county and hours spent online, I’m still searching.

It seems that I am in love with something that appears to only exist in the blogosphere.  Seriously, this pink floral goodness pops up in my feed at least once a week if not more. All I know is that it originates from Anna Spiro’s bedroom and I NEED IT NOW.

If you come across it, I need precisely 15 yards.

K, thanks!

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