Friday Faves 10.11

breakfast at tiffanys

Growing two humans is tough stuff. “Morning sickness” is not just reserved for mornings, grumpy exhaustion has led to insanely early bedtimes and around the 7 week mark, I developed a sudden aversion to anything edible that has remained with me at 15 weeks. Noontime naps are a necessity and Phenergan is my best friend. And despite that “beautiful glow” that everyone keeps pointing out, I feel like an ogre. But I can’t complain. I went through hell to get here so I am welcoming this new breed of pain. Because it’s worth it.

Lately, I have found solace in soft, comfy cottons and button-downs from B’s closet. There’s something about slipping into a fine pair of jammers that makes it all a bit better. So today I bring you Friday’s Faves – the Pajama Jam edition.


Have a lovely weekend!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6



  1. so happy for you guys Ashley but I’m sorry you’re dealing with “morning” sickness. I had it bad with Harrison and mine was always the worst in the evenings. I highly recommend Zophran!! Works almost immediately and it doesn’t make you so tired like Phenergan.

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