Month: October 2013

One of Each!

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Sam is thrilled about being a puppy brother to Sloane and Henry!

We found out a few weeks ago but we’ve been keeping it a secret. I was convinced we were having two boys – mainly because I’ve had vivid dreams about little boys with B’s blonde curls – so I wanted to triple check before we told the world. We see a high-risk maternal-fetal specialist every two weeks so we get to check in often. I love seeing how much they grow in such a short period of time. Henry is up top and Sloane is below, literally using my bladder as a pillow. I’m hoping she finds a new spot soon!

Initially, we kept the news to ourselves. But our parents could not wait any longer so we had them over for a Sunday lunch with this amazing cake from Edgar’s Bakery here in Birmingham.

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Each slice was separated by either a thin layer of blue or pink icing. We also revealed the names – Sloane Bradford and Henry Morgan. And I must note that it only took us about 10 minutes to decide on a name for each so B and I felt that if we agreed that quickly, it was meant to be. Both names represent family – Morgan being my maiden name and Bradford being his and his father’s names.

Sadly, I was too caught up in the moment and forgot to get a good picture of the reveal! But to say the soon-to-be grandparents are ecstaticĀ is an understatement.



Friday Faves 10.11

breakfast at tiffanys

Growing two humans is tough stuff. “Morning sickness” is not just reserved for mornings, grumpy exhaustion has led to insanely early bedtimes and around the 7 week mark, I developed a sudden aversion to anything edible that has remained with me at 15 weeks. Noontime naps are a necessity and Phenergan is my best friend. And despite that “beautiful glow” that everyone keeps pointing out, I feel like an ogre. But I can’t complain. I went through hell to get here so I am welcoming this new breed of pain. Because it’s worth it.

Lately, I have found solace in soft, comfy cottons and button-downs from B’s closet. There’s something about slipping into a fine pair of jammers that makes it all a bit better. So today I bring you Friday’s Faves – the Pajama Jam edition.


Have a lovely weekend!

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Girl’s Night Out

girls night out paperless post

Never in my wildest pre-adult dreams did I consider that at some point in the future, I would go weeks, much less days, without seeing a best friend. It’s crazy how quickly you grow up and friend time takes a back seat to careers, marriage, children, etc. I haven’t seen a happy hour in ages and I miss them. And I miss our long walk-and-talks and those lazy Sundays curled up with our favorite chick flicks. These days, it takes a miracle to get more than 2 of us in the same spot at one time but when it happens, I’m the happiest girl on the planet.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be surrounded by 7 of my favorites when I announced B and I’s big news. We had long been trying to organize some friend time but summer flew by and before we knew it, most of us hadn’t seen each other since May. And 3 of us live in the same neighborhood – shame on us. So once I made it past 12 weeks, I hit up Paperless Post and got to designing something lovely.

Paperless Post makes things so easy. I added the RSVP feature to keep track of who could make it and 2 weeks later we were catching each other up, stuffing our faces with Chez Fonfon’s famous fries and discussing how gigantic I’m going to get.

Now if I could just get my out-of-towner besties to move to my little city, I might die of happiness.