Month: July 2013

Friday Faves 7.19

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Boy have I been busy! So I’m keeping today’s faves short and sweet.

:: It’s BLAZING hot here. I feel like I’m living on the surface of the sun these days. And I think this weekend is definitely going to require some pool time

:: I’ve been feeling much gratitude lately for a lot of things but especially amazing friends. I’ve been a giant ball of stress lately and their little notes, talks on the drive into work and dinner dates have been the perfect medicine.

:: Guess who’s celebrating a big birthday? Cher, that’s who. Believe it or not Clueless is 18 today but let’s be real. It will forever remain timeless.

:: These studded sandals are the! And they’re on sale.

:: This just makes me say AHHHH…

Stay cool and have a happy weekend!


So Chill


I recently took the jump into the land of acupuncture. I’ve always been a bit curious about its healing powers in terms of infertility but it wasn’t until my doctor mentioned checking it out that I got serious and made an appointment.

Here’s the rundown: Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine and considered one of the oldest healing practices in the world. By stimulating specific acupuncture points by inserting extremely thin needles at specific spots, your body is able to correct imbalances in the flow of energy – or life force known as qi or chi – believed to flow through channels referred to as meridians. Each meridian corresponds to a particular organ, nourishing it and extending it to an extremity. Basically, they keep your yin and your yang in harmony.

My first appointment was preceded by a 30 minute consultation with the acupuncturist. I had been given paperwork to fill out before my visit that asked a bazillion questions about my eating habits, sleeping habits, instances of pain, previous and current medical issues and family history. After checking my pulse, looking at my tongue and fingernails, she gave me the results. Apparently, I have a few things going on that need some attention, most importantly my kidneys are unbalanced and I have a low blood supply. Most of my issues could be cleared up with some major changes to my diet and she recommended that I immediately cut out all dairy, pork, alcohol, wheat and breads. So basically ALL OF THE THINGS I LOVE MOST.

Once we got all that out of the way, I was taken to a dark room where I removed my shoes and climbed onto a massage table. A sound machine played ocean waves while the acupuncturist stuck about a dozen or so needles in different spots. This was not at all painful – weird but not uncomfortable. She turned on a heating lamp at my feet and left the room while I laid there pretending I was relaxing by the sea. After maybe 45 minutes, she returned, removed the pins and I was off to start my day.

The results? I felt happy as a clam and 10 lbs lighter. So I decided to go back.

My second visit was a bit different. I listened to the same waves while she pinned me but this time in different spots. Once she was done, she switched the iPod over to a meditation series, turned on the heating lamp and left. Within minutes I was on another planet. I wasn’t sleeping really but I wasn’t awake either.

I left a total space cadet and spent the rest of the afternoon watching Who’s the Boss reruns.

Would I do it again? Most definitely. I have never felt so relaxed and full of positive energy. And after doing a little research, I think I do believe in the power of acupuncture. It will take some time before I know how it’s working for me but I can tell you that B is loving that I am so chill. Dog hair on the sofa? Don’t care. Finding 6 pairs of his shoes on the floor – in the same room, no less? Didn’t say a word.

I don’t plan on saying sayonara to bacon, wine or cheese anytime soon but I do plan on establishing some limitations on what goes in and adding more of the recommended foods to get my body yinning and yanging.

So what are your thoughts? Is acupuncture a do or a don’t?

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Artist Crush | Teil Duncan

teil duncan2teil duncan3teil duncan5teil duncan4teil duncan

Southern gal, Teil Duncan’s, beach series has me dreaming of a seaside getaway like woah. I’m hoping we get a chance to pop down to the coast soon or I just might go crazy. Our schedules have been a bit bonkers lately and I think the salty air could do us both a favor. But for now I’m taking a daydream through these delightful pieces. My favorite aspect of this series is that she fully captured my idea of the perfect day at the beach – surrounded by friends with a view of a never-ending sea. You can check out more of her work here. It’s really fantastic!

Good Eats | ATL

photo (22)photo (43)photo (35)photo (34)photo (37)photo (33)

B and I hopped over to Atlanta for the weekend just to get away, enjoy good eats and visit a few friends. It was so last minute that the actual weekend plans took place in the car on the drive over. Once we got checked in and freshened up for dinner, we made reservations at JCT Kitchen and dashed upstairs to the rooftop patio for drinks.

:: JCT Kitchen ::

This place was everything. On the Westside and a quick drive from downtown, they keep things real with Southern farm to table and a spark of French epicure. And the warm, rustic vibe of the decor did not disappoint. The staff is also worth noting. They could probably talk us into anything including a giant slice of pie to go!

Apps :: Angry Mussels w/ Grilled Bread | Deviled Eggs

Dinner :: Shrimp & Grits | Wood Grilled Chicken

Drinks :: A – Sancerre | B – Founder’s Centennial IPA

Dessert :: Chocolate Cream Pie drizzled with salted caramel

photo (31)

:: South City Kitchen ::

We slept in on Saturday so breakfast consisted of splitting a bowl of fruit and a bagel. (Which was fine because I am positive that I gained 5 lbs upon leaving JCT.) B loves a good field trip so we decided to check out the Georgia Aquarium to beat the heat under the sea. Once B had seen enough fish we headed to Midtown for lunch. There’s a lot to choose from in that area but South City’s menu really stood out since we were both craving a sandwich. It has a reputation of being a great spot for celebrity sightings although we didn’t see a soul we knew. But Sanjay Gupta was sitting behind us at JCT so there’s that.

So back to lunch… The menu was amazing and we were both eyeballing the chicken and waffles but neither of us was super hungry. We thought about splitting it but things would have gotten messy real fast. Definitely a must though the next time we’re in town. Aside from a close-up of my cocktail, I didn’t get any snaps here.

Apps :: basket of biscuits & muffins with apple butter

Drinks :: A – Bloody Mary | B – Sweetwater 420 IPA

Lunch :: BLFGT {smoked bacon, fried green tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese & arugula on rye} | house chips

vsco_0photo (30)photo (31)

:: Miller Union ::

After having recently watched Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover: Atlanta we knew Miller Union had to happen. In this episode, Bourdain and Alton Brown discuss farm to table and sample several dishes including this ridiculous farm egg lying atop a pool of celery cream. Ya’ll. This is what dreams are made of. We were lucky enough to share it and a few other small plates along with a sampling of their signature drinks with two of our favorite couples. Also on the Westside and doused in Southern influence, this place was fab.

Apps :: Farm Egg in Celery Cream | Smoked Rabbit Mousse | Field Pea Salad

Drinks :: Miller Thyme | Pimm’s Cup | variety of wines

Dinner :: Pork Loin w/ Grilled Peaches and Arugula | Skirt Steak, Fingerling Potatoes, Grilled Okra, Vidalia Onion & Tomato

Dessert :: Peach Tart w/ Chantilly Cream

Another place on the list was Holeman & Finch, famous for their 9pm burger. We were hoping to stop by for brunch but we had heard the wait for a table could be hours. So I talked B into another field trip: Ikea. Ha! We spent the rest of the day wandering around the giant blue box using our best Swedish accents and picking up items for a few small projects we’ve started at home.

A BIG smooch for B for whisking me away for the weekend!

{Images taken by OHM}