Treat Yo Self


I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and decided that since it wasn’t the funnest experience, I deserved a treat. So I ventured downstairs to Starbucks and sprung for a clementine IZZE and a yummy slice of reduced-fat cranberry coffee cake. I typically don’t splurge for breakfast but it was getting late in the morning and I was starving. That little treat was just what I needed to get my mind back into a realm of happiness and positivity.

Treats are necessary. They cheer us up when we’re blue, energize us when we’re exhausted and give us an optimistic boost when things seem dire. And they don’t have to be extravagant or cost a dime. Sometimes all I need is an hour in the sun with a good read or picking up a fresh set of my favorite pens. Other times qualify for more pampering. I recently picked up this punchy polish from the drug store and spent the afternoon enjoying a mani/pedi while slurping down a peach milkshake. I left happier than a bird with a french fry. And when things get really bad I spring for a good shampoo and blow dry. A friend introduced me to this treat in college. We would occasionally hit up a cheap salon just to have someone wash our hair and blow it dry. We also left with some pretty funky styling. It may sound frivolous but leaving with a head full of silky soft hair and your woes rinsed down the drain puts a new perspective on just how good you’ve got it. 

So what puts a pep in your step?

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