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I’ve been absent from the blog but it was necessary. And in all honesty, new posts have been on my to-do list but they seem to get pushed to the bottom after a long day. As has the overflowing clothes-hamper, gym visits and quality time with Brad and my buds. Lately, the 9-5 has been spent either in meetings or on conference calls leaving little time to get actual work done. And because I seem to love living in chaos, we’re getting ready to completely renovate our kitchen. We’ve undergone small renovations before but nothing this big. Or stressful. Apparently you can’t just waltz into a cabinet store, point to a picture and say “I want THIS”. Luckily, we’re getting close to deciding on a designer/builder combo and we both agree on the overall plans. I’m hoping that the most difficult part of this project will be figuring out how to eat takeout for 4 weeks without gaining weight!

Here’s to being more present! And maintaining my sanity…

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