Month: June 2013

Treat Yo Self


I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and decided that since it wasn’t the funnest experience, I deserved a treat. So I ventured downstairs to Starbucks and sprung for a clementine IZZE and a yummy slice of reduced-fat cranberry coffee cake. I typically don’t splurge for breakfast but it was getting late in the morning and I was starving. That little treat was just what I needed to get my mind back into a realm of happiness and positivity.

Treats are necessary. They cheer us up when we’re blue, energize us when we’re exhausted and give us an optimistic boost when things seem dire. And they don’t have to be extravagant or cost a dime. Sometimes all I need is an hour in the sun with a good read or picking up a fresh set of my favorite pens. Other times qualify for more pampering. I recently picked up this punchy polish from the drug store and spent the afternoon enjoying a mani/pedi while slurping down a peach milkshake. I left happier than a bird with a french fry. And when things get really bad I spring for a good shampoo and blow dry. A friend introduced me to this treat in college. We would occasionally hit up a cheap salon just to have someone wash our hair and blow it dry. We also left with some pretty funky styling. It may sound frivolous but leaving with a head full of silky soft hair and your woes rinsed down the drain puts a new perspective on just how good you’ve got it. 

So what puts a pep in your step?

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lately post

Lately I have… 

:: Tried orange lipstick – apparently the IT shade for summer. I really like this line from L’Oreal. The color isn’t overbearing & it’s really lightweight. 

:: Bought my first pair of Supergas. I’m not sure what took me so long. I’m in love! 

:: Threw a fit after the season finale of Mad Men. I was not prepared for an ending quite like that. Both heartbreaking & brilliant. Sad it’s over but I am thoroughly enjoying the theories being tossed around about the fate of Don Draper, Pete finding freedom in LA, the mysterious Bob Benson & the hope of a Sally Draper spin-off after the show ends for good next year. Zou bisou bisou…

:: Started a new book from my summer reading list. If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for F. Scott Fitzgerald.

:: Bought a new sofa for the living room. B lived on it for the first 2 days so I’m finally getting to take a spin. And it’s dangerously comfy.

:: Met with my trainer to revamp my workout regimen. I had strayed away from my weekly workout schedule & the weight-loss hit a standstill. I’ve also started doing this this again in the mornings.

:: Jazzed up the patio with a few strands of lights & a set of lanterns. The ambiance makes the heat a little more tolerable.

I hope you’re enjoying this last week of June! It has flown by!

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The Longest Day of the Year


The first day of summer has arrived! I plan on celebrating with dinner on the patio with my one and only + a big glass of fine wine. I’m thinking this easy paella, a green salad and maybe a dreamy banana pop from Steel City Pops for dessert. I apologize for the lack of posts lately! I have a date with the blog this weekend so check back soon for something new!

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What a week! I finally scratched a giant project off my list, celebrated with a dance party, revamped my workout with my trainer and I just bought Father’s Day gifts. Hey oh! I hope you’re having a stellar week as well. Here are a few lovely links to get you over the hump…

Jessica Marx’s home is the most fantastic thing I’ve seen all week. It’s the perfect mix of traditional and unexpected with a slight bohemian flare. I’m in love.

Pattern mixing is my jam. Loving the nautical nod paired with dots.

The one product you need for your locks during a hot summer. The Banana Boat scent reminds me of a time when I actually looked good in a bikini and on the fast track to skin cancer.

M. Night Shyamalan ghost-wrote She’s All That. Mindblowing, amiright?

MaryJane schools us in crepe-making. Magnifique!


Friday Faves 6.07

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It’s finally Friday. We made it! It’s pouring outside – perfect weather for curling up with a good book. Or taking a nap. Yawn… Isn’t this the perfect spot? Today also calls for celebration – it’s National Donut Day! Who knew these tasty treats had such historical roots? And I’m swooning over that kaftan dress and this bangle from Sweet Auburn. My brother sent me an Etsy gift card for my birthday and I know exactly how I’m going to spend it. Thanks, D!

Happy weekend, cool birds! I hope it’s a lovely one.

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Jumping In

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When I was in elementary school jumpers were all the rage. I had several pair that I wore with Sam & Libby ballet flats in a variety of colors and a giant, matching hair-bow fastened to my head. I thought they were horrible at the time but my mother insisted on dressing me and I didn’t object because all the other girls wore them, too. Safety in numbers I suppose… Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would entertain wearing one again.

Until now. The jumper is back in action and it’s effortlessly chic. And smart, too.

I’m kind of digging this Zara version and maybe this striped Rachel Pally. And then there’s Valentino’s take. One can dream, right?

How do you feel about jumpers? Are they a do or a don’t?

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Berry Good

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Farmers market season has arrived and I can’t get enough of locally grown fruits and veggies! Strawberries are the size of your palm and the mere site of freshly picked squash has me giddy. I’ve been making this salad a lot lately – it has incredible flavor and it’s easy to throw together for a quick meal.

Ingredients:  2-3 cups of bibb lettuce; 6-8 strawberries, sliced; handful of blueberries, 1 oz of crumbled goat cheese (my favorite is Belle Chevre made right here in Alabama), sprinkle of shaved almonds and 2 tbsp of Brianna’s Poppy Seed Dressing

Toss the lettuce, berries, goat cheese and almonds and top with the poppy seed dressing. And if you’re feeling extra hungry, add in some sliced chicken.

You’re welcome.


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I’ve been absent from the blog but it was necessary. And in all honesty, new posts have been on my to-do list but they seem to get pushed to the bottom after a long day. As has the overflowing clothes-hamper, gym visits and quality time with Brad and my buds. Lately, the 9-5 has been spent either in meetings or on conference calls leaving little time to get actual work done. And because I seem to love living in chaos, we’re getting ready to completely renovate our kitchen. We’ve undergone small renovations before but nothing this big. Or stressful. Apparently you can’t just waltz into a cabinet store, point to a picture and say “I want THIS”. Luckily, we’re getting close to deciding on a designer/builder combo and we both agree on the overall plans. I’m hoping that the most difficult part of this project will be figuring out how to eat takeout for 4 weeks without gaining weight!

Here’s to being more present! And maintaining my sanity…

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