A Southern Wedding

wedding shoesdark & stormybrad & kelly 3callaghan'sbrad & joshlewis & adrienne

We spent last weekend in Mobile celebrating the wedding of one of our dearest friends & his adorable bride. B & I arrived on Thursday to get in a little extra R&R. We’ve both been really busy lately so it was nice to unwind & enjoy each other’s company before the festivities began. There were multiple trips to Callaghan’s for beer & smoked tuna dip, pool-side lounging  & shuffleboard at a neat little place that served up fun drinks. Friday was spent lunching with Mobile friends, feeding fresh boiled peanuts to the squirrels in Bienville Square & more pool time with out-of-towners. The rehearsal dinner was laid back enough that we got to spend even more time catching up with everyone. We were SO excited to visit with friends we don’t see often. After staying up way too late, B let me sleep in. We grabbed the last bagels from a nearby coffee shop & went our separate ways. I spent the rest of the day with Kelly {above} gabbing about life & nursing our sore feet until time to get ready for the big night.

I knew the wedding was going to be stellar through Adrienne’s creativity & attention to detail. The ceremony was held in a beautiful cathedral in downtown. Since both of our guys were groomsmen, Kelly and I sat together, oohing & ahhing over everything – particularly the bride’s cathedral-length veil which was hand-sewn by her mother. The guys joined us at the reception which featured a second-line band during cocktails, grilled oysters & beignet fries so good I had to question if this was real life. The highlight of the night was jamming to the reception band. We danced the night away to Prince, MJ & old faves. I was really digging my outfit – especially my fancy shoes – but as usual, I forgot to get a snap except for the wind-blown one above. Le sigh.

It was a magical weekend & I keep finding myself recalling fun moments. I’m sure B is tired of hearing “remember when _____ ” followed by a fit of giggles.

Congratulations, Lewis and Adrienne! 


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