A Detox of Sorts

detox saladgoat cheese saladbeef thaiMediterranean-Smothered-Chicken_18_mini

In yesterday’s post I failed to mention that over the weekend my feelings took on the appearance of pizza, pastries and generous pours of wine. While tasty, I am now craving healthy, wholesome meals to the point I think a detox of sorts is much warranted. After perusing the interwebs for some ideas, I came across this Inner Goddess Detox Salad from Iowa Girl Eats (a personal fave!) as well as a few other tasty dishes that I can’t wait to dig into. I’ve also got some green smoothies lined up for my morning drive and I just signed up for Bikram yoga classes (finally). I have a feeling I’m going to be praying for savasana 5 minutes in. Wish me luck! It’s been a long time since I’ve hit that mat.

How do you detox after a big splurge?

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