Into the Wild

via wanderlost blog


I am going camping. For the first time ever.

Just me and the B, a tent and a couple of sleeping bags. Our plan is to hike 8 miles through an unknown wilderness, set up camp at our destination and enjoy a delicious freeze-dried dinner under the stars. Romantic, huh?

Maybe not all that romantic but a daring adventure for me.

If I’m mauled by a country bear or carried off by an angry pack of mosquitoes, I hope B will always remember that…

I asked to go lie on a beach instead.

(image via Wander Lost)




  1. Haha, I was nervous the first time I went too. It helped that we went with another couple who brought their huge dog with them – are y’all taking the dogs? I felt safer knowing that our guard dog could alert us to trouble. (At least I pretended he would. Most likely he would have run off too!) Be thankful it’s warm. The first time I went? It was below 20º. It was miserable. But I love it now. Good luck!

    1. I would love to take both dogs but one is a runner and the other is scared of his own shadow. So we’re on our own! I am excited about the beautiful weather we’re supposed to have!

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