Window Shopping

I was feeling pretty crappy after work yesterday so I decided to skip the gym and stretch out in front of the television instead. I felt bad about it – I’ve actually gotten to a point where I miss that feeling after a good workout when I can’t or don’t feel like going. I’ve started seeing some changes in my body (finally!) and I am able to narrow down what’s working in terms of balancing Weight Watchers and workouts with a busy 9-5 and my craving for eventful weekends. But for some reason, I just couldn’t convince myself to go. So in lieu of a sweat session, I settled on reruns of The Golden Girls and a little window shopping.

old navy sundresses

How sweet are these little numbers from Old Navy? I’m a sucker for anything blue – no matter the shade.


And let’s talk about these maxis from GAP. I’m obviously a big fan of the maxi. After doing a quick closet check, I realized that I already own eight. One more won’t hurt, right?

What have you spotted and hearted lately?


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