Friday Faves 3.29

I’ve developed a serious problem with renovating our home. I am addicted to planning and I am failing at executing. We’re short on time as it is with our jobs and the day-to-day so finding the hours to complete projects is tough. And I spend most of that time perusing designer homes instead of designing my own!  I should probably also note that I am terrible at decision-making. I can never make up my mind – I finalize a plan and then BAM! I find something grander.

Current project? Finally getting around to our weird little 3rd bedroom soon-to-be den. It contains one of two exterior doors in the back of our house and the one most used to go in and out of each day. The thick, wide tongue and groove panels are stained a beautiful dark honey and one entire wall of windows that look out to our backyard and patio. Our intent for this room is a place to relax and read a book or just a space to escape the heat when hosting friends over for cookouts and patio parties this summer. And as much as I like the stained wood, it’s just too dark and dated.

I’m not at a loss for inspiration so I thought I would share a few of my faves:

Tell me, what are you faving today?

.01 // .02 // .03 // .04 // .05



    1. Me, too! I’ve somehow managed to keep our white bedding stain-free so I’m thinking we’re ready to graduate to white furniture. 🙂

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