Affair of the Year

mad men5mad men3mad men4mad men2

OH how I’ve missed these people!

They’ve dubbed this new season “Affair of the Year” & I have so many burning questions:

Is Don sliding back to his old womanizing ways?

What’s going on in Hawaii? 

Where did creepy Glen go?

 Whatever happened to Pete & Peggy’s baby? 

Will Pete finally go off the reservation? Let’s be honest, he was teetering on the edge last season…

I’ve been toying with plot lines in my head for months now in anticipation of Season 6 & I am super excited to see how things play out. So far, we’ve only been given a few imagesa trailer that, in true Matthew Weiner fashion, gives us zero clues.

Well, except that Betty has laid off the bugles, Pete is now sporting sideburns & Sally looks like she’s hit the Seconal again…

Set those DVRs! We’re just 11 days away! 



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