A Beautiful Life

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Once in a while I happen upon a blog that is so good I want to move in. The latest find: Manger. It’s written by Mimi Thorisson, a stunningly beautiful woman of French and Chinese descent who documents her culinary adventures from a picturesque country estate in Médoc, France where she resides with her photographer / dog breeder husband, four adorable kids and over a dozen dogs.

It’s not difficult to quickly let yourself get lost in her world. From the exquisite dishes she prepares for family and friends to the laid back and charming life in Médoc, I am yearning to live it up like a real Frenchie. 


    1. I totally thought of you! Too bad she doesn’t seem to have a cookbook yet. I think I might try working my way through some of these recipes. Maybe start with the Sarah Bernhardt meringues!

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