Month: March 2013

Good Vibes

Let’s get this weekend started!

We’ve got a fun one ahead. Tonight we’re heading to Workplay to see these guys and girls jam. But first up, dinner at one of our favorite spots. And I am super excited that it’s Easter weekend! We are hosting our parents on Sunday for services and lunch. Easter has always been really special to me – not only for the religious symbolism – but for the feeling of rejuvenation after a cold, dreary winter. The future just seems brighter!

I hope your Good Friday is as beautiful as mine. 75 degrees and sunshine never looked so good!



Friday Faves 3.29

I’ve developed a serious problem with renovating our home. I am addicted to planning and I am failing at executing. We’re short on time as it is with our jobs and the day-to-day so finding the hours to complete projects is tough. And I spend most of that time perusing designer homes instead of designing my own!  I should probably also note that I am terrible at decision-making. I can never make up my mind – I finalize a plan and then BAM! I find something grander.

Current project? Finally getting around to our weird little 3rd bedroom soon-to-be den. It contains one of two exterior doors in the back of our house and the one most used to go in and out of each day. The thick, wide tongue and groove panels are stained a beautiful dark honey and one entire wall of windows that look out to our backyard and patio. Our intent for this room is a place to relax and read a book or just a space to escape the heat when hosting friends over for cookouts and patio parties this summer. And as much as I like the stained wood, it’s just too dark and dated.

I’m not at a loss for inspiration so I thought I would share a few of my faves:

Tell me, what are you faving today?

.01 // .02 // .03 // .04 // .05

Affair of the Year

mad men5mad men3mad men4mad men2

OH how I’ve missed these people!

They’ve dubbed this new season “Affair of the Year” & I have so many burning questions:

Is Don sliding back to his old womanizing ways?

What’s going on in Hawaii? 

Where did creepy Glen go?

 Whatever happened to Pete & Peggy’s baby? 

Will Pete finally go off the reservation? Let’s be honest, he was teetering on the edge last season…

I’ve been toying with plot lines in my head for months now in anticipation of Season 6 & I am super excited to see how things play out. So far, we’ve only been given a few imagesa trailer that, in true Matthew Weiner fashion, gives us zero clues.

Well, except that Betty has laid off the bugles, Pete is now sporting sideburns & Sally looks like she’s hit the Seconal again…

Set those DVRs! We’re just 11 days away! 


It’s the last week of March & I spent most of last night wrapped up, hiding from the bitter cold (what up, spring?) & my worry-filled thoughts. For the majority of the night,  I laid there staring at a blank ceiling trying to ward off negative thoughts & a bad case of the what-ifs. I’ve been doing so well at keeping a positive mindset (one of my high-priority new year resolutions) but the last couple of days have been toughies.

So after maybe 2 hours of sleep, I opened my eyes & the first thing that popped into my head was this verse.

God, you’re a funny guy.

(Images via studded hearts + society6)

Hey, That’s My Jam!

It’s Friday treat time! Have a listen to what I’m currently listening to:

Electric Guest: This group features a guy named “Cornbread”. I’m sold.

Gary Clark, Jr.: Really loud, straight-up blues. In love.

Alt-J: The new Radiohead? Did I just say that?

Phosphorescent: Birthed from my home state of Alabama. It’s gorgeous.

Graffiti6: Highline Ballroom labeled their sound “latter-day psych-soul nuggets”. I think they’re sparkly.

Rhye: At first, I thought I was listening to Sade. Not a bad thing.

Leagues: Apparently I’ve been under a rock. These guys have been around for awhile. And they’re fantastic! 

Justin Timberlake: Some kind of wonderful.

Lord Huron: I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this one. Going on 2+ months & I still crave it every day.

So, what are YOU listening to?

Zara : Spring

Spring is here! And that means a new collection from ZARA. Those who know me well know that I am a ZARA superfan. It’s safe to say that half of my closet is dedicated to the brand and I get reallll excited when a new lookbook arrives in my inbox. If I can’t wear couture  then I’ll gladly settle for shopping their sartorial tribute to the fashion gods (i.e. fabulous knock-offs). I’m talking about you, Celine!

Take a peek and tell me your faves!

So maybe I bought a pair of $100 sweatpants.

aviator nation2

I realize that’s a lot of dough for something made for kicking back and relaxing. But these things are beyond comfortable. So much so that they tempt you into living the life of a lounge lizard. I wore them almost every night for a week and I do not think I would have survived my first bout with stomach flu without them. And as a bonus, they’re made in the USA which is something I am passionate about.

 Aviator Nation is a California based brand created and designed by Paige Mycoskie. (You might know her brother, Blake, the founder of Toms.) AV basically creates vintage-inspired clothing. Not really vintage but made with a very vintage feel from the 70s. Think: one of your dad’s old sweatshirts that’s been washed thousands of times with Downy. I purchased the grey daydream logo set (far left) but with summer on its way, I’m thinking of snagging one of the tanks as well!

A Beautiful Life

mimi thorisson mimichopping-710x1054mimi thorisson parsoup2mimi thorisson life in medoc mffromminni1mimi thorrison 2mimi thorisson chocolatetart-710x535mimi thorrisonmimi thorisson strawberrytartstable-710x1065mimi thorisson mimisquiffy-710x535mimi thorrison 3mimi thorisson chestnutpancakes-710x1065mimi thorisson mamanlouise-710x473

Once in a while I happen upon a blog that is so good I want to move in. The latest find: Manger. It’s written by Mimi Thorisson, a stunningly beautiful woman of French and Chinese descent who documents her culinary adventures from a picturesque country estate in Médoc, France where she resides with her photographer / dog breeder husband, four adorable kids and over a dozen dogs.

It’s not difficult to quickly let yourself get lost in her world. From the exquisite dishes she prepares for family and friends to the laid back and charming life in Médoc, I am yearning to live it up like a real Frenchie. 



Oh hello, weekend. Nice to see you again!

B’s out of town w/ the boys – somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico hunting down large fish. So I’m taking a little me-cation. Lot’s of pampering and much needed relaxation. I’ve got a mani/pedi date with a friend this afternoon, a massage booked for tomorrow and a little shopping on Sunday. Exciting stuff but I think I’m most excited about lounging on the patio and soaking up a little sun with wine in hand.

Hope your weekend is super duper! ~ xoxo

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